[BE] Centre wallon de Recherches agronomiques

                                                                   Sustainbeef team :

  • Sylvain HENNART
  • Alexandre MERTENS
  • Didier STILMANT
  • Louise LEGEIN
  • Annick MELCHIOR

The Walloon Agricultural Research Center (CRA-W) maintains extensive contacts with farmers, horticulturalists, businesses, universities and research centres in Belgium and abroad. CRAW's Farming Systems, Territory and Information technologies Unit is a leading Belgian research group quantifying agricultural systems performances and externalities throughout systemic and participatory approaches. CRAW has also developed the expertise to coordinate European projects as underlined by the coordination of different projects under FP (STRATFEED (2001-2004) / SAFEED-PAP (2006-2010)) and INTERREG (ECOLIRI (2004-2007) / ECOLIRIMED (2008-2012) / DURAGR’ISO (2009-2012)) programs.

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